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Choosing The Right Animal For My Kids

I have always been one of those people who loves animals, but the same can't be said for my kids. They had a natural tendency to shy away from pets from an early age, and it was really interesting to see how much of a difference it made to start looking into buying an animal. We talked with them about the different breeds we were considering, and before we knew it, they had warmed to the idea. Check out this blog for great information on choosing the right animal for your children, so they can stay safe and happy every day.



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Boarding Your Dog? How To Prepare

Your dog is your sidekick, the one that loves you unconditionally and gives you the biggest kisses when you arrive home. You may want your dog to be with you at all times, but that just isn't always possible. If you need to be away for awhile for work or for vacation, boarding your dog is the answer, but not all dogs will like this transition. Help ease your dog into boarding or doggie daycare by following the tips below.

Try A Trial Run

Take your dog to the dog boarding facility for a trial run. Leave him there for just the day of only a few hours at a time to try it out before you actually need him to go to the facility for an extended period of time. This will help ease him in slowly and get him used to the staff, the other animals  being around and the facility itself. Leave your dog there and go run errands for a few hours, then come back to get him later. Talk to the facility about doing this ahead of time.

Keep A Special Toy With Your Dog

Be sure to bring something along with your dog that helps to comfort your dog. Whether it is a blanket, special toy, or even a shirt that has your scent on it, ask the facility first if you can bring something along with your dog to keep him comforted.

Socialize Your Dog

If your dog isn't usually around other dogs or pets, get him a little more socialized by taking him to a dog park or taking him for walks around your neighborhood or other parks. Get him used to being around other pets and other people. Your dog may not like being around others at first, but will get used to it. be sure to socialize him so he isn't too scared when he is at the facility.

Take Your Dog To The Veterinarian

Be sure your dog visits the veterinarian before going into a boarding facility. He should be up to date on his vaccinations and should have a flea preventative as he will be around other animals. Have your veterinarian give your dog a thorough checkup and let him know that he is going to be boarded. He may tell you to get a different type of shot for dogs that are being boarded.

Talk to the boarding facility about other helpful tips to ease your dog into boarding, and check out sites like for even more resources.